Books by Doralynn Kennedy Sleeping with Skeletons
and "SPIDERS". Both available in print and e-book.
I've done a lot of different things over the years, but I have
always considered myself a writer.

I have a varied career -- from candy striper, blackjack
dealer, and pit boss -- to professional driver, MT, and
victims' advocate with my local police department.

I served as a Military Police woman in the Army. I mostly
worked law enforcement, but I was also attached to the
Personal Security Detachment, PSD. We provided security for
high-ranking officers. At one point, our team also provided
residential security for the CIA Station Chief in Frankfurt,
Germany. I mostly worked uniform, but I have also done some
undercover. Among other things, my Military Occupational
Specialty and training included crime scene investigation,
counterterrorism, bomb threats, and hostage situations. I
have traveled extensively inside and outside of the United

I write part time from my home in Colorado. My debut novel,

Sleeping With Skeletons
, was published by The Wild Rose
Press. My novel
Spiders has also been picked up by The Wild
Rose Press and will be available in the near future.

Thanks for visiting. Doralynn